Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Good Seeing To

I'm only working for a few more days until I have a week off, so I was hoping I would get the proper seeing to I've been craving all week. I know I generally have quite a high sex drive, but it's been worse than usual lately.

I went to see Mr H at our favourite hotel; he always likes the best of the best so I can rely on having a lush suite reserved for us. He's a funny one though - he seems to have mood swings, and the sex always reflects that. If he's feeling sorry for himself he just lays back and lets me do all the work, and when he's excited about something he's very energetic. Last night he seemed to be frustrated, but he wouldn't tell me what about. It didn't make me feel uneasy because I know he couldn't hurt a fly, but he was restless. To my pleasant surprise, he took it all out on me! He has never fucked me so hard before - it was great to see (and feel) him be so assertive. He bent me over the bed and held on to the back of my hair. He didn't pull too hard, just enough to keep me where he wanted me. Then he pushed his cock into me with short, sharp thrusts that made me gasp. The biggest surprise was when he started to spank my arse - he'd never done that before! I arched my back and pushed my buttocks towards him to let him know that it was ok, and he carried on enthusiastically.

By the end I was a bit pink and sore, but delighted with his progress. Mr H let it all loose!

Bored of the rain already, less please.

Brooke x


  1. How lucky you are to find your career so fulfilling. You ought to give a lecture about your work at the Women's Institute.

  2. I'm sure that would go down a storm, Mr Bananas...