Saturday, 3 October 2009

Well Worth It

Well. I think I've outdone myself this time! We both had such an amazing time last night. He liked his women to be confident so there was no room for inhibitions. The night played out like a dirty movie, and it seemed kind of surreal. I love to play the leading lady, the temptress.

Although I'm quite creative in other areas, dancing has never been my strong point. But when a man has a wad of £50s, I will dance however he wants me to! It felt liberating and powerful to grind in his lap, catching the occasional glimpse of ecstasy on his face when I pulled my head up level with him. I let my hair fall and gently tickle him, and his breath would catch whenever it trailed over a particularly sensitive part of his skin. He was still fully clothed when I started, so I ordered him to undress. While he did that, I covered my pussy in lube for the next part of my game. The dance continued, and his erection was throbbing - I didn't let him touch it though. I ordered him to sit on his hands and pay attention. With my back to him, I gyrated in his lap and rubbed my slick pussy along the length of his cock. I held onto his knees as I bent forward, smoothly and rhythmically sending him out of his mind.

We had all night to play, so I decided to give him what he wanted. Staying where I was, I bent further forward to reach a condom and slipped it onto him between my own legs. I lowered myself back onto him and he let a deep groan escape as he entered me. Not even the strictest Mistress could've stopped his hands escaping now - he freed them to hold onto my hips as I bounced up and down on his lap. This session didn't last too long, he was already so worked up.

The rest of the night brought a few more fucks - one slow and long, two fast and furious. He did appreciate my smooth pussy, so that paid off.

Feeling very satisfied with my performance, if a little worn out!

Brooke x

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