Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hmmm. My trainer says I need to consume less toxins, otherwise I'm going to get the dreaded 'C' effect. I don't have much salt, sugar or trans fats in my intake, so that only leaves one thing... my beloved booze!!! I don't want to give up drinking! This is the choice I have to make: perfection or occasional inebriation? It's a tough call.

I had the most boring sex last night. Missionary throughout - he didn't push hard or deep, or go particularly fast or slow. He kept a steady grunting going the whole time, and I could only tell he had come from the tensing of his body. I couldn't even be bothered to fake an orgasm. Dull!

Girly night tonight with face masks and... green tea? Not quite the same as a nice Sauvignon Blanc...

Brooke x


  1. I say nothing wrong with being bad every now and again. Have some fun. Work hard and play hard, I say. Tough workout a few times a week, a binge every couple of months.

  2. That seems like a good compromise ;-)