Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lovely lovely sex

Ahh, sex is lovely, isn't it? I always appreciate it all the more when I haven't had any for a while. I won't lie - sometimes it's a chore. Sometimes the guy isn't all that hot, and you have to close your eyes and picture George Clooney (10 years younger preferably, but I still would). But sometimes they're really quite nice, and it feels gooood.

The gentleman I saw last night has become quite the regular. I'm so familiar with his face now that I'm quite pleased to see him. He always treats me well, and does little romantic gestures like bringing me a red rose. The sex is usually gentle and undemanding, but he knows all the right places to touch. Brushing his lips against my neck, trailing the back of his hand along my breast, touching the skin above my hip bones. It's warm and tender sex - I'd call it 'making love' rather than 'fucking' if we were together.

Days like this make me smile.

Brooke x

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