Thursday, 1 October 2009

For Now

Ok, I'm silky smooth for now. I probably won't keep it too long, but growing back the strip will have to wait until my week off as I can't risk having stubble! Just for the record, my lips are always hair free. Had a bit of a debate with the beautician about whether a Brazilian wax included all of the lips (which I believe it should). Every salon has a slightly different interpretation of it.

The barman went to Bournemouth. I'm a little bit crushed, it affected more than I thought it would. We only went out a couple of times, he was never really mine. But I saw him in his bar a lot, and he used to call and text me quite often. It always cheered my up and gave me a buzz of excitement in my stomach. No point pursuing it now, plenty more fish in the sea I guess.

Dinner with a friend tonight should make me feel better, then the sphinx loving client tomorrow night. He'd better pay me some special attention down there, that strip is painful to remove!

Brooke x


  1. It is not a brazilian unless the lips are waxed. That's the most important part! Front to back.
    And don't worry... there are definitely more fish in the sea. Even if it doesn't seem that way sometimes.

  2. That's what I told her! I'm going fishing this weekend ;-)