Monday, 14 September 2009

Lots of Lovely Sex

One of my favourite clients flew into the country yesterday and asked to see me last night. It was short notice, but I thought it would be a good way to take my mind off the barman.

Barman could be dangerous: I really like him, but he kind of infuriates me. First of all he was half an hour late to meet me (that rarely happens). I actually worried he wasn't going to turn up - I don't do self doubt! But the worrying thing is that I don't feel in control when I'm with him. It feels like the ball's in his court; I can tell that he likes me, but a LOT of girls come onto him at his bar so why would he want to give up that lifestyle? I don't get jealous, but it's the competition that worries me a bit. Sure, I'm hotter than them, but he could have a different girl every day if he wanted. Hmmmm, unfamiliar feelings.

So I made myself feel better with the gorgeous client. He certainly distracted me! We had sex three times that evening, him making me come every time. He always angled himself so that he could rub my clit whilst he was thrusting into me; I was so wet that his cock slid in and out with ease, and every so often he would push it hard and deep and grin at the ecstatic expression on my face. A lot of blaspheming went on between us that night.

He also claimed that he had never come from just a blow job before, so I showed him how it's done. I love my mouth, it's awesome.

Brooke x

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