Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hmmmm, interesting

Oh dear, I think I like someone. He's been a friend for a little while but we've never been close. He doesn't know what I do, I just drink in his bar sometimes as it's right near my flat. I've started thinking about him more, and when I was with a client last night I found myself closing my eyes and thinking of him. That's never a bad thing; I try to focus on the guy I'm with to make sure he gets the most he can out if it, but he didn't seem to notice luckily.

I think he likes me, but do I really want to date someone at the moment? Can't decide...

Brooke x


  1. There's nothing wrong with a bit of fantasy. Initially I was going to say what about NSA, but changed my mind. Too close to home. That should be a place for you to be you, not the WG. Dont know if that makes sense.

  2. That kind of does make sense. I am completely myself around him. I get enough sex so NSA isn't necessary, it's the other things I crave x