Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Back to Business

It feels quite good to get back to work. I had a little shiver of excitement last night, the thrill of meeting someone new and knowing what you're most likely to be doing in an hour's time.

Mr D looked very wealthy. He wore a tailored suit in charcoal grey with an open necked white shirt underneath. Although he was nothing special to look at in the flesh, he certainly took good care of himself and I'm fairly sure he works out. He must have had his teeth whitened recently, and judging by the vast amounts of red wine consumed and cigars smoked, it won't be long until he requires that process again.

I felt immediately comfortable with Mr D. He felt like an old family friend; one of those jovial men who show no signs of their intensely stressful career. We met in the hotel bar, and he was in no hurry to go to his room. We slowly sipped G&Ts whilst he showed a great interest in me, asking lots of non invasive questions.

After an hour, we both went to his room. He turned more serious then; I could imagine how he looked in the board room. Not a man you'd want to cross. I successfully kept the playful smile on my lips as I peeled the tight dress from my body. I kept on my high heels and hold up stockings; he came closer and undid my bra with no difficulty. Freeing my breasts, he cupped them in his hands and bent his head to tease my nipples with the tip of his tongue. Then he carried on kissing down my stomach, pulling down my knickers and carefully helping me step out of them. Then he turned his attention to my pussy. He was actually very good with his tongue, it did the job and got me nice and wet.

Mr D isn't a young man, and he soon ran out of breath from thrusting on top of me. I rolled him off and climbed on top to ride him. He watched my breasts bounce as I found my rhythm, and the sight of it soon brought him to climax. When I felt him get close, I used my own fingers on my clit to bring me off at the same time - it was a sweet release after more than a week of abstinence.

I'm now off to the gym to burn off that wicked pound I gained in Cyprus...

Brooke x

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