Saturday, 1 August 2009


Oh my. I'm having to fan myself. He is just as gorgeous as I remembered; if he lived here, he would be mine. He's got a new girlfriend over there now, it made me horribly jealous. How absurd!

We had a long, hot night at his hotel. He was very attentive, not letting me touch him until he had bought me to climax with his tongue. I returned the favour - I loved the feeling of having his cock in my mouth. He couldn't stop himself from coming so we had to wait a while before we could get down to business again. Everything ran so smoothly and felt really natural. If every client was like that, I'd be the happiest girl alive!

I stayed the night (paid this time) and we had breakfast in the hotel. Managed to fit one more quick fuck in the shower afterwards. I've just got home, glowing.

Anyone else in as good a mood as me?

Brooke x

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