Monday, 6 July 2009

Week Off/ Swingers Party

Ah, a week off work. I need some serious time to catch up with family, washing and ironing, mundane things like that. But looking at the amount of raining headed our way, staying in might just be a good thing.

Went along to that swingers party on Saturday, and it was highly interesting. The venue was beautiful, rustic chic. The first hour or two were actually quite civilized, everyone just standing around in posh dresses quaffing champagne. But once the witching hour began, the whole mood changed... people began to ascend upstairs, where there were 4 huge beds pushed together. I stood and watched - I was with an old friend of mine who had more experience than I in this field. I urged him to go join in with a couple he had met before; it was fascinating. A proper orgy, with about 12 bodies intertwined. Everyone licking, sucking or fucking something. There was quite a lot of girl on girl action, with some men proudly showing off their wives and girlfriends. It was clear that some were exhibitionists and loved to be watched, and others were completely lost in the fervour.

I did join in a little; not in the thick of it, but perched on the edge of the bed giving my friend a blow job (one of my favourite past times). I gave it my best, and after he'd come I realised that we had quite a large audience! One guy proclaimed that we should be on TV, so enjoyable was our show. Sweet!

I'm glad I went, but don't think I could make a habit of it. The novelty would soon wear off I expect.

Happy Monday,

Brooke x


  1. What is the policy regarding testing for STD's for such events? Do you need to provide a clean certificate of health before you attend?

  2. I told you it would be interesting.

  3. Some ask for health certificates, but it's a bit of a waste of time because some things don't show up in tests for a few months - so you could have been checked yesterday but still have something you could pass on.

    This one just heavily promoted safe sex, with free condoms all over the place. We're all adults, so they trust you to be responsible.

    Interesting indeed... x