Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I had a strange experience with Tom* last night. As he opened the door to me, I smiled like the cat that got the cream; he was mid 30s and pretty damn hot. I was already feeling in the mood from not having any sex all week, and I made an on the spot decision to enjoy this as much as he would. Conversation flowed easily and we had a glass of wine before we got down to business.

On his request, I'd bought a vibrator with me. He said that he wanted to play with me for a while before I even touched him, though he did take his shirt off first to give me some raw material. He started with just his fingers, making small but firm circles on my clit. When he heard my breathing stagger, he slipped his hand down to feel how wet I was and looked delighted with the results. He covered his fingers and moved back to my clit - it felt so good when he rubbed me with my own wetness. When he was satisfied that I was warmed up, he reached for my toy and twisted the base; it sprang to life and he wound it straight up to the highest setting. I was only a tiny bit worried as guys can get carried away and be a bit rough sometimes, but Tom obviously knew what he was doing.

Here's where the strange part is; I was so ready for it, and usually my vibrator makes me come within seconds. But I kept feeling the waves build up in my body, bringing me so close to the brink - and then it would disappear again. I didn't want to fake it - I wanted a full blown orgasm that made me convulse and shudder. I just got more and more frustrated with myself, until I flipped him over without invitation and straddled him. Maybe a good hard fuck would do it. He didn't complain, and seemed to get off on how worked up I was. I slammed myself onto him over and over again, a little angrily. I hate not getting my own way.

Then he flipped me over without invitation and began to pound me. I liked the sound of his balls rhythmically slapping against my wet pussy. He came with a loud groan not long after that and collapsed on top of me. I still hadn't come.

That doesn't usually happen to me, I shall have to try again.


Brooke x

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  1. Ah well, never mind, there's always one that gets away. There'll be plenty more to make up for it.