Monday, 8 June 2009

Boy Habits

I think the honeymoon period has come to an end with Josh. The sex is still fantastic, but I've started noticing the little, irritating things that most boys do. Leaving the toilet seat up, wolfing his food down with minimal chewing, turning into a zombie when the TV's on... I had never noticed these things before. So annoying!

I still managed to turn the evening around, tackling one of these habits ever so subtly. I thought the zombie would be easiest to conquer with my feminine wiles; becoming the embodiment of the perfect woman, I donned a corset, french knickers, hold up stockings and killer heels (bad news for my wooden floor) and bought him cold beers as he watched TV. As if that wasn't enough to catch his attention, I then put a sofa cushion on the floor and nestled myself between his legs on my knees. He looked a little surprised but didn't question what he had done to deserve this. As I took his cock into my mouth, he stopped watching his programme and started watching me. Just like it should be. I looked up at him every so often, and sure enough his eyes were fixed on me.

One point to me : )

Brooke x

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