Friday, 8 May 2009

One more to go

My last day of boredum. Although it is Friday night, maybe I can attempt a normal social life! Both my flatmates and I have new love interests, so we're trying to get them all to come to a bar together this evening. Should be fun!

I woke up a bit grouchy today. One of the girls had her new beau back last night, and played very loud music until 4.30am in an attempt to drown out their sex noises. That attempt failed miserably - instead I was kept awake by loud music AND loud sex noises. Then this morning I thought I'd get the bus to the gym (it's a 25 minute walk, and it's raining), but I ended up waiting 20 minutes for it. 3 went past in the opposite direction, so I kept thinking mine would be along any minute... Surely. Though apparantly not. Ultimately had a soggy work out, and was only slightly consoled by the sauna.

Ho hum,

Brooke x

1 comment:

  1. OOh you should go and see Wolverine tonight then! :D
    It will so cheer you me! :)

    Hope you have been good!
    Satine xXx