Thursday, 23 April 2009

23rd April: A Run of Bad Luck

After experiencing the fugly pig I was obliged to satisfy on Tuesday, I thought my bad luck would be used up for a little while at least. But last night, it came in a different form.
'Mark' seemed charming at first. He was smartly dressed, well spoken, polite. He took me to dinner at a restaurant in Knightsbridge and requested my company in his hotel room. But once the door was closed, his manner changed completely. His face twisted into a sneer, and although I tried to keep the mood light, Mark made it clear that everything up to now had been a facade. He grabbed my wrist in one hand and shoved the other underneath my dress, groping me roughly. I asked him to be gentle, but he called me a filthy whore and said I'd be treated the way I deserved.

I refused to keep quiet, so he eventually let me go. Not seeing any weapons in arms reach, I went for the screaming method; it usually scares them off. I stumbled out of the door, looking a mess with my dress hitched up and my hair dishevelled. I'm glad nobody was in the corridor, I'd hate to have to explain this. I straightened myself out as I got into the lift and imediately called my agency to warn them not to send any other girls here. The sad thing is, all the client has to do is use a different phone and a different name - the next girl might not be as confident as me. It could've been a lot worse.

I'm not going into work tonight. Still feeling shaken up, I hate guys like that who only book a girl for thier own power trip. It's sick. I'm glad that I only do outcalls; to have someone like that in my room would be hell.

Be careful girls,

Brooke x

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